I’m a lucky man, my wife constantly tells me how lucky I am! I have a job that allows me to get outside more than most, but like many of us, I can take somethings for granted! I live in the county of Worcestershire, England and though not particularly hilly, (we do have the Malverns, to name one) there seems to be a plethora of quality singletrack just outside my front door. Trails I’d forgotten about or not bothered to ride just within a few miles of where I live! An apathy kindled by the lust for bigger, longer and higher!

The Wyre Forest is one such area, covering a large, semi-natural woodland measuring 26.5 square kilometres which straddles the borders of Worcestershire and Shropshire. The Wyre is situated close to the Georgian town of Bewdley, which is well worth a visit and sits close to the River Severn.

I’m riding with a local guy who knows all the trails like the back of his hand. In his younger days, he even dug-out some of the trails we were riding, lucky that! The Wyre has a reputation for being claggy, muddy and very wet, especially over the winter months but the trails were reasonably dry, with plenty of grip and very little ‘hike a bike’ was needed – the simple pleasures, dry trails…happy days. We rode about 23 miles, sometimes crisscrossing tracks we had previously ridden the days before. In between my work as a photographer, I have the odd shift at a local outdoor shop and the conversation on both days always led to mountain biking, especially, as on occasion, we can work together as bike technicians – there are even plans afoot for a 3 day bikepacking adventure in the summer, watch this space! Apart from a broken chain and the obligatory photo opportunity, very little slowed us down and with the weather and luck on our side we made the most of the Wrye Forest in late Spring.

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