I’m two decades older than my riding partner and let’s be honest, there’s no substitute for youth. However, we do have one thing in common – the passion for mountain biking and where it can take us, we ride for the enjoyment and love our chosen sport.

The Twrch trail begins from the Cwmcarn Forest visitor centre based in South Wales. The centre boasts good facilities including toilets, showers and a cafe. The red route is approximately 11 miles and is gnarly in places, both ascending and descending! Luckily the trails were dry and in good shape after a very long winter. As both of us weave in and out of the woodlands, the ever changing perspective is shaped by the felling of diseased trees. We later find out that the Forestry Commission were carrying out a damage limitation project, which was well underway.

We stop for a few minutes having climbed half way up the trial, at this point I’m basting in my own sweat and endeavour to take as many layers off as possible – a photo opportunity always makes for a good excuse to stop and get my breath back. The main topic of the day (when I could talk) was about the rise of ebikes and as much as I try to put my impending mortality to the back of my mind the thought of finally giving in and riding a bike with batteries and an electric motor, loomed ever closer.

Though not particularly a long ride, the trail does offer a little bit of everything – stunning views, enchanted forests, technical ups and downs. There are short sections that ebb and flow but we both felt these sections should have lasted just that little bit longer…I can’t stop, I’ve got to keep pedalling!

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