It's been a blast

Photography has always played a major part in my life, it shaped my career as a UK based photographer. My freelance and editorial photography service has run in tandem with my wedding photography business for almost two decades, it's my dream job, but now it's time to take some time out and make some changes. 

Over the last two years I also removed myself from social media. I've never seen the appeal and got the majority of my work through recommendation. The move has helped with my mental health. No longer do I waste countless hours second guessing Instagram, Facebook and the multitude of photography apps ever-changing algorithms...happy days!

So what next?

I'm now in a position to concentrate on the things that matter to me: my family; my health and photography. I've always been passionate about the great outdoors and you'll find me outside come rain or shine, camera in hand. I'm hoping to continue on a part-time basis and accept work when available.


I've photographed over 230 weddings, that's a lot of wedding cake! I've still got room for a little more and intend to photograph a small number of weddings in 2023. I have experience in just about every type of wedding venue, from churches, hotels, marquees and barns. I've been lucky enough to shoot in so many different environments and I'm equally comfortable in the countryside or city. Please take a few minutes to view my work, just click the link below: / telephone: 07891 309783 for more information.


National Diploma in Graphic Design, City & Guilds Photography Level 1, NCFE Creative Photography Level 2

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